Switch between panels by clicking on the "search" and "music" icons located at the top center of the page. The search panel is the place to search for tracks and albums while the music panel is where your music is stored.

You can also use the arrow keys ← and → to switch panels.

Playlists and albums

Playlists and albums are displayed on the "music" panel.

You can play the item by clicking on the play button and you can click on the info button and get details about the item.

When you add a track from the "search" panel, it goes to the active playlist, which has a red background color. It's not possible to add tracks on albums.

The player

Once you have selected a playlist or album to play, you can use the player.

You can drag and drop the tracks to change the order as well as play, pause, select the music to play and adjust the volume.

Once the cursor is over the track, you'll see the settings button , click on this button and Amuzi will open a modal where you can perform many actions with that track, like assess its quality, download the video, or share it with others.